Walkie Stacker

Introducing the Electric Walkie Stacker – an essential tool for efficient material handling in factories, warehouses, and shop floors. This machine is designed to seamlessly move pallets, skids, or totes from one place to another, enhancing productivity and reducing manual labor.

Key Features:
24V Electrical System: Equipped with an AC Drive Motor, this feature ensures better acceleration and smooth travel.
High Load Capacity: Capable of storing loads at heights up to 192 inches, ideal for applications where minimal travel distances are common.
Maneuverability: The walkie stacker’s design allows for easy navigation in tight spaces, making it a suitable choice for small storage areas.
Energy Efficiency: Known for its durability and energy efficiency, the electric walkie stacker is built to perform while conserving energy.
Ergonomic Design: With the ability to position loads at an ergonomic height, this machine is perfect for stock replenishment or other material handling tasks.