tracked scissor lift

Discover the Tracked Scissor Lift from Active Forklifts – a perfect combination of stability, versatility, and power. Designed to navigate challenging terrains with ease, this machine is your ultimate solution for elevated tasks in varied work environments. Its robust design ensures maximum productivity while prioritizing safety and durability.


Rugged Tracks: The tracked design allows for superior stability and mobility on uneven or challenging terrains.

High Lift Capacity: With its strong and sturdy design, the lift can handle substantial loads, enhancing productivity across diverse tasks.

Compact Size: Despite its impressive capabilities, the machine boasts a compact size, ensuring easy operation and maneuverability in tight spaces.

Extendable Platform: The extendable platform provides additional workspace, offering flexibility during operations.

Safety Features: Equipped with multiple safety features like anti-slip surfaces and guard rails, ensuring operator safety at all times.

Emission-Free Operation: Suitable for sensitive work environments, some models offer quiet, emission-free operation.

Easy Controls: User-friendly controls make operation smooth and hassle-free, even for beginners.