Toyota 8FG25 Container mast 8 Series

The Toyota 8FG25 Container Mast 8 Series is a high-performance forklift designed to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease and precision. This model stands out for its robust construction, advanced safety features, and superior performance characteristics.
The 8FG25 boasts an impressive capacity of 2.5 tons, making it capable of handling diverse industrial applications. Its three-stage container mast allows for a lift height of up to 4500 mm, ensuring efficient stacking and transport of goods across various work environments. The collapsed height is also designed to be compatible with containerized shipping for easy transport and storage.
In terms of operator comfort, the 8FG25 model houses an outstanding comfort compartment and excellent operability, making it very operator-friendly. High onboard technology contributes to its overall efficiency and reliability.
This forklift is also equipped with solid tyres and a side shift feature1, enhancing its maneuverability and versatility in different operational conditions. Plus, it runs on LPG fuel, ensuring smooth operation and reduced emissions.