Stock Picker

Introducing the Electric Stock Picker – a highly effective and versatile tool for material handling in various settings like warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. This machine is designed to reach high shelves and navigate narrow aisles with ease, making it an invaluable asset for any business that requires efficient and safe movement of goods.

Key Features:
Driveable: Equipped with a drivable feature, these stock pickers can fit down narrow aisles, increasing efficiency in warehouse operations.
High Load Capacity: These machines are ideal for stocking and stock picking applications where products are too bulky or heavy to be safely handled using a rolling ladder.
36V Electrical System: Built with a 36V electrical system, the Electric Stock Picker delivers enhanced performance for higher productivity.
Lithium-ion Technology: Some models come with Lithium-ion technology designed to meet order fulfillment needs in narrow aisle environments.
Safety Features: Many stock pickers are made in line with ANSI and OSHA standards, ensuring the highest level of safety during operation.