Reach Truck

Introducing the Electric Reach Truck – a highly efficient and versatile tool for material handling in various settings, including warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. This machine is designed to reach high shelves and navigate narrow aisles with ease, making it an invaluable asset for any business that requires efficient and safe movement of goods.

Key Features:
24/36-Volt Electrical System: With an AC Drive and lift system, this feature ensures smooth operation and powerful lifting capabilities.
High Lifting Heights: Capable of reaching impressive heights, the electric reach truck can easily transport and store materials in high shelves and racks.
Superior Performance: Known for their exceptional productivity, reliability, and energy efficiency, electric reach trucks are built to move more pallets per hour.
Ergonomic Design: Many models come with a multifunction control handle and offer superior ergonomics, visibility, and durability.
Safety Features: Designed with safety in mind, these trucks come equipped with technologies to ensure the highest level of safety during operation.