Double deep reach truck

The Double Deep Reach Truck is a type of forklift that provides an efficient solution for enhancing storage density in the warehouse. It’s specifically designed to deposit or retrieve pallets that are positioned in the rack two deep, thus maximizing the use of warehouse space.

Key Features:
Visibility: These trucks are designed to provide operators with a clear line of sight to the baselegs, load, and rack, enhancing safety and productivity.
Extended Reach: The reach truck has an extendable arm that allows it to lift pallets and other materials, making it highly versatile for various material handling needs.
Narrow-Aisle Capability: The design of these trucks allows them to operate effectively in narrow aisles, making them ideal for many modern warehouse environments.
High Lifting Capacity: Some models can lift loads up to 3200 lbs (1450kg) to a maximum height of 10160mm, accommodating a wide variety of storage and retrieval tasks.
Battery-Powered: Many double deep reach trucks operate on 36 volts batteries, providing reliable and efficient power.