45 ft knuckle boom lift

Introducing the 45ft Knuckle Boom Lift from Active Forklifts, a perfect blend of power, precision, and performance. Built to tackle the most demanding tasks in diverse work environments, this machine offers exceptional reach and flexibility. Its superior design ensures maximum productivity while keeping safety at the forefront.


Exceptional Reach: With a working height of up to 45ft, this knuckle boom lift can easily access high and difficult-to-reach areas.

360° Rotation: Complete maneuverability is assured with its 360° rotation feature, reaching work zones from various angles becomes effortless.

Extendable Articulating Arm: The extendable arm enhances operational flexibility, making it easy to navigate around obstructions and access hard-to-reach spots.

Self-Leveling Platform: Provides stability during operation, delivering secure and reliable performance regardless of the terrain.

Emission-Free Operation: Adaptable for sensitive work environments, some models offer a quiet, emission-free operation.

Compact Design: Despite its impressive reach, this machine boasts a compact design, ensuring easy maneuverability and operation in tight spaces.

High Load Capacity: Capable of handling substantial loads, it significantly boosts productivity across a variety of tasks.