3 – 3.5 Tonne Forklift

The 3 and 3.5ton forklift is a dynamic and robust piece of machinery, engineered for heavy-duty lifting tasks, making it a valuable asset for various industries like warehouses, manufacturing units, and distribution centers.

Key Features:

Exceptional Performance: Equipped with a sturdy engine, the 3 and 3.5 ton forklifts ensures consistent and reliable performance, making the task of lifting and moving heavy loads seamless. Multi-environment Use: This forklift is designed to function in both indoor and outdoor settings, providing operational flexibility. Superior Lifting Capacity: Capable of lifting up to 3 and 3.5 tons, these forklifts can deal with a wide array of heavy materials, thereby boosting your operational productivity. Gearbox Options: Depending on the specific model, you can choose between a hydraulic or automatic gearbox to suit your needs. Safety Prioritized: The forklift is outfitted with cutting-edge safety features like a load control system and anti-rollover protection, ensuring safe operation and maneuvering. Built to Last: The forklift is constructed using top-quality parts, ensuring its durability and longevity while promising peak performance.

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