19ft Scissor Lift

The Skyjack SJ3219 is a reliable and efficient electric scissor lift recognized as an industry leader for over a decade. It’s ideal for indoor work where accuracy and stability are essential.

Key Features:

Reliable Control System: The Skyjack SJ3219 features a proven and reliable control system, incorporating Skyjack’s color-coded and numbered wiring system, making the machine easy to troubleshoot and repair. Drivable at Full Height: This scissor lift can be driven at full height with the roll-out deck fully extended, offering increased versatility. Variable Speed: The SJ3219 has a variable speed, front two-wheel hydraulic drive, providing smooth and precise control. Steering: The lift offers 90° steering and a zero inside turning radius, enhancing maneuverability in tight spaces. Work Height: The maximum platform lift height is 19 feet, allowing a working height of up to 25 feet.

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