Reach Forklifts

Reach Forklifts

Storage of merchandise and materials is something that most businesses struggle with. Often times there is not enough room to store all the materials you need and as a result have to make the most of the floor space you have by having very narrow aisles between the storage racks. 


In cases where space is a premium and there’s very little room to move around, the best solution when it comes to moving your goods around is by using a reach forklift.


Reach forklifts have a typically slimmer profile than conventional forklifts and are perfect for manoeuvring in tight confines. These reach forklifts can work in aisles that are as narrow as seven feet in comparison to approximately eleven feet for standard forklifts. 


Most reach forklifts are also designed so that the driver stands while operating the forklift. This decreases the amount of space needed for the driver compartment, thus making navigation easier in tight corners.


At Active Forklift, we have years of experience and unmatched expertise when it comes to all kinds of forklifts for your business and reach forklifts are no exception. 


We understand your needs to maximise the space in your warehouse especially if you are leasing it by square metres. Stacking your storage racks closer to each therefore becomes a necessity and we can help you in your material handling with our wide range of high reach forklifts. 


Narrow Isle Reach Forklifts

Our comprehensive range of narrow aisle reach forklifts are designed for maximum performance and durability and we carry models from the most well-renowned brands such as Toyota and Crown.


Our forklift specialists can advise you in terms of the correct type of units you need to run your operations smoothly and can even work out attractive short-term or long-term hire packages. 


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