Toyota Forklifts

Toyota Forklifts

When it comes to dependable forklifts can lift your business to new heights, there are none better than Toyota forklifts. 


Toyota has a long pedigree in producing forklifts that are renowned over the world for their sheer quality and long-lasting performance under the toughest conditions.   


We stock a wide range of Toyota electric forklift models as well as LPG models so you can be sure to find something that you need. Our Toyota electric forklifts are perfect if you are looking for versatility as it features the latest control technology to allow unrivalled operator comfort and efficiency.


They are very manoeuvrable, reliable and easy to use, which leads to improved productivity and profitability.


If your Toyota forklifts need repairs, we have a team of certified Toyota forklift service technicians to help you ensure that your forklifts are well repaired to high standards in order for them to continue serving you well. 


And you can be assured that we use only the best materials as we carry genuine Toyota electric forklift parts for your peace of mind.


We also provide Toyota forklift service maintenance packages that are aimed at keeping your forklifts running in top condition. Our Toyota forklift service programs are also essential in keeping them in compliance with current safety regulations. 


So if you are looking to hire, buy or service your Toyota forklifts, there’s no better place to go than Active Forklift. We are conveniently located in Sydney and have a professional team of specialists who are well informed and experienced in the benefits of choosing Toyota forklifts. 


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