Forklifts For Sale

Forklifts For Sale

At Active Forklift, we are in the business of providing nothing but the best quality forklifts in Sydney whether on a rental basis or outright sales. 


We have a wide range of new and used forklifts for sale, including counter balance forklifts, side loaders, rough terrain models, order pickers, pallet stackers, reach trucks and more. 


Our forklift sales are for businesses that are growing in such a manner that hiring a forklift has ceased to be the best option. If you find that you have to move around a large amount to stock on a regular basis, it’s sometimes better to have your own fleet of forklifts to ensure long-term productivity and profitability. 


We Help You Make the Right Choice

If this is the case, our specialist forklift sales engineers are the ideal people to help you make the correct choice for you to meet your specific forklift truck requirements. We will ensure that you will get the most cost effective solution to run your operations smoothly.


We have new and used forklifts for sale but our most popular options are our wide range of used forklifts because of their cost-effectiveness and dependability.  Since all our used forklifts for sale are drawn from our rental fleet, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a forklift that has received expert maintenance and care throughout its lifetime.


All our used forklifts for sale also comply with the prevailing latest workplace health and safety regulations for your peace of mind.


Our forklift sales packages are built from more than 80 years of combined experience in the business and they represent a genuine solution to your material handling requirements. 


Be sure to get in touch with us today, and allow us to recommend a suitable new forklift or used forklift sales package to meet your needs. Apart from a broad range of applications, we also have a wide variety of popular makes and late models to choose from.


The Best Forklift Solutions

But whichever forklift you choose, you can rest well in the knowledge that you will always get the best solution from Active Forklift.