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Are you in the market to hire a forklift in Sydney? Maybe you have been considering buying a forklift but are unsure of the cost. If this sounds right you should come to Active Forklift. We have the best deals on forklift rentals in Sydney. We have forklifts suitable to any size business. Whether you need an industrial model with a custom fit out or a smaller model for a local warehouse we have you covered. We are your one stop shop for forklift hire, sales and service in Sydney.


If you’re business is in need of an industrial forklift we have those as well. We can customize the forklift of your choice. We carry forklifts with weight restrictions of up to 6 tons. We also carry smaller models for businesses with less space. Our forklifts are powered using several power types including Petrol, LPG, Electric, Diesel and Rough Terrain.  Whatever your needs may be we have a high quality forklift that can be fully customized. If you need to hire a forklift in Sydney Active Forklift has the best options and the lowest prices.


Hire A Forklift and Sidestep the Headaches of Dealing with Maintenance


The cost of maintenance on a large piece of equipment can be expensive. Fortunately when you hire a forklift in Sydney from us you won’t have to worry about trips to the repair shop. We make things simple, we come to you. Most businesses in the Sydney area can expect one of our technicians to be there to perform and onsite breakdown service within 2 hours. We’ll make sure your business isn’t put on hold due to faulty equipment. We also offer several contract lengths for the convenience of our customers. Our equipment hire contracts range from 4 days to 5 years.


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Repairs and Maintenance Available


Active Forklifts is the number one place in Sydney for all things forklift related. We offer competitive rates on all our forklift services. If you already own your own fleet let us handle repairs and maintenance. Our experienced technicians are skilled at repairing almost any make or model forklift on the market.Whether you need to hire a forklift in Sydney or want to purchase brand new equipment we have you covered. Contact us today for more information about our services or visit Active Forklift online


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