Are you looking for an affordable forklift for hire in Bankstown for your growing business? Then you need to call Active Forklifts today and let us hire you a forklift to assist you with all of your business needs. If you have a company that is in shipping or receiving, import and/or exports, and even transportation then you might find it necessary to hire a forklift that is customized to your business needs. All of our forklifts are of the highest quality and we can find any forklift to fit your specific business requirements.

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As your business growing and you need to hire a forklift to assist you in your growing stock? Do you need a forklift that is dependable and that will fit your needs? Then look no further and come down to our company. We have over 80 years of combined experience in the forklift industry so you can be assured that you are receiving unrivalled customer service and excellent experience. We pride ourselves on offering only the best options for our customers. Our extensive fleet of late model forklifts are offered from petrol to electric. We also offer rough terrain all wheel drive suitable for more rugged work such as construction. All of our forklifts are durable and will last your business a long time so your company can remain productive. We have many hire options including forklift rental so call us today to find a forklift for hire in Bankstown.


We understand that part of having a successful business is trying to save money in every way possible. You do not have to worry about cost at Active Forklifts. We offer various options to our customers for hiring the right forklift for your business. As your forklift specialists, we will help you decide what type of hiring plan you need based on your individual needs. We are a trusty forklift provider that can help you find exactly what type of forklift will be best for your business to ensure that you get the highest possible productivity from your forklift. With our expertise, we can assist you with questions regarding capacity and details of lift, turn radius, and much more! So call us as your forklift for hire in Bankstown!

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