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Active Forklifts has been in the business of providing new and used electric forklifts from top handling equipment manufacturers like Toyota and Crown for years.

Our well-renowned electric forklift rental, sales, repairs and maintenance services have kept our customers coming back time and again. We offer real value when it comes to electric forklifts as we are backed by a combined 80 years of experience in providing electric forklifts to a wide range of clients.

We’ll Help You Make The Right Decision

Feeling overwhelmed by the array of forklift options?
Whether it’s counter-balanced, aisle reach trucks, pallet trucks, stackers, or the trusty electric forklift, we’ve got you covered. At Active Forklifts, making the right choice is a breeze with our expert guidance.

Not sure whether to rent short-term, go for a long-term hire, or purchase outright?
We’ll help you weigh the options to find the most cost-effective solution for your needs. Sometimes, owning your fleet of electric forklifts makes the best financial sense.

Regardless of your choice, our electric forklift range is designed to slash material handling costs while boosting productivity and ensuring your team’s safety. Dive into our diverse selection and discover the perfect fit for your business.

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