How To Maintain Forklift Truck


1. Make sure regularly check lubricate moving parts. Most moving joints, or parts, of the forklift are greased. This is done to prevent the harmful effects of friction. Replace bearings and balls, to make sure it runs smoothly



2. Make sure regularly check a fluid levels. There are various fluids that help the engine and other working parts of the forklift to run efficiently. These include the transmission and hydraulic fluids, coolants, as well as motor oil. 


3 Make sure regularly charged or Fueled Keep your forklift charged or fueled. Forklifts may be powered by battery, liquid propane (L.P.) gas, diesel fuel or gasoline. If your machine uses a battery, then make sure to ensure that the battery is fully charged always. Also, make sure the tank is always full, if your forklift uses gas or fuel.


4 Make sure regularly Keep Forklift Gauges Functioning Properly. Gauges and lights found on the instrument panel of the forklift give an indication when some part is malfunctioning. Therefore, attention must be paid to these instruments and the appropriate measurements taken, when they indicate any faults. Doing so will forestall more expensive repairs.


5 Make sure regularly Keep Forklift Tires in Good Shape Keep Forklift Tires in Good Shape. In the process of forklift maintenance, another important aspect that should be checked daily is the tires. If the tires use air, ensure that the correct air pressure is maintained in them.